Jeshua’s Course

Jeshua’s Apprenticeship: An Ascension Path

The Apprenticeship is a guided course in spiritual evolution. It contains a series of twelve teachings on Divinity explained to us by Master Jeshua for the Ascension of Mother Earth and her people.

For our awakening Jeshua gave us this series of twelve teachings to be absorbed over a year .  He initially chose to work through a trance channel, Lesley A. Michaels, to teach these lessons to a group of individuals willing to open to his love and wisdom.  I was one of these original apprentices in 2005. The course led me to my own love and wisdom, to a place of wondrous fulfillment. It is with a profound sense of gratitude and a desire to share all that I have learned, that I now share these same lessons  personally with any who are open to growing spiritually.

“Through these personal instructions,” [as Jeshua explained at the time of the initiation of the Apprenticeship] “you will be assisted and guided to achieve your consciousness’ and thereby your soul’s highest degree of completion. You will be assisted in re-embracing your Divine self.”

“Just as the people of the planet reached times of potential ascension in both Lemuria, and Atlantis, the opportunity to make that soul leap is again before you… This is a mastery walk that will speak to those who have been preparing for long years and are now ready for the great settling into the Divine.”

The Apprenticeship is usually taken over the period of a year, with one session each month (in some cases this may be accelerated). The sessions are currently offered individually in person or by phone or Skype, as best fits your case.  A recording of your session will be available to you along with other supplemental material drawn from my personal transcripts of Jeshua’s teaching.

The Apprenticeship has also been taken by small groups at my home in Vermont, or through a phone conference, as a small intimate webinar.

Tuition is $1200. It is a symbol of your commitment to your own soul’s journey. Payment plans are available.

Jeshua will be over-lighting the transmission of his teachings through me.   His continued guidance of the Apprenticeship program is a great blessing.  If you are interested in the Apprenticeship it is recommended that you sit quietly, go within and ask your heart: Is this for me? and if your heart tells you: Yes!  then please contact me and we will make arrangements to begin your Apprenticeship to Divinity.jennifer

Blessings on your journey!
Namaste ~ I salute the Divine within you…
In Love and Light,  Jennifer

PS.  For a free CD with Jeshua’s own introduction,  just send me an email at

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