About Us

About Jeshua:

Jeshua is my teacher.  I love him more than I can say.

Jeshua is Jesus’s name in the original Aramaic, as he prefers it. He is a Universal Master who has been assisting us from the ascended realms since his life on earth. For example, it is widely known that he channeled A Course In Miracles, and also has been involved in other projects such as the Emmanuel books, through channel Pat Rodegast, and Jayem’s Way of the Heart. He appeared to Glenda Greene in her studio and she painted several portraits of him, this one is my favorite.

Jeshua by Glenda Greene

Jeshua by Glenda Greene

In November 2003, Jeshua created a project with Master Kuthumi and Archangel Michael to assist humanity with our awakening process, both because we are ready for it and because this is a crucial time for the New Earth, as it has become known, as we continue to welcome the New Age and navigate the energies of  Ascension. That project became the Apprenticeship Course.

About Jennifer:

My name is Jennifer Donaldson. I live in Pomfret, Vermont. I was ordained as an Interfaith minister, at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, by the Interfaith Temple in June 2006.  Although Interfaith is not yet very widely known, our general mission is to honor all spiritual paths, helping to heal the divisions and competition that maintain separation from each other in this world and from Source.

My background is Judeo-Christian, specifically, Episcopalian, but my theology has broadened and deepened to include elements of Hinduism, as well as an intuitive appreciation of the Earth-based religions, an emotional leaning toward all the mystical traditions, and a deep understanding of metaphysics.  I have attended a Unitarian Universalist church for the past 5 years.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2004, my own spiritual quest led me to the Apprenticeship with Jeshua through trance channel Lesley A. Michaels. For seven years I have developed wholeheartedly with the teachings offered through this channel, first from Jeshua and Mary Magdalen, then later, Divine Father and Mother. I’ve come to a place of much joy and light (enlightenment!)  I’ve remembered the I AM –the Love that we All Are.  I am deeply and profoundly grateful to Lesley and all my teachers in the Ascended realms.  Now I am called to teach and share with others, so that we all may come to the peace and joy of our conscious divinity together.

My ministry to the community has involved conducting many weddings and funerals, and serving as guest minister, when called upon.  I have found that many people who do not have a religious affiliation, still have spiritual needs, such as for sacred ceremony at life transition times. It is my great joy to be present in my minister capacity at these times. I also maintain a pottery studio in my home and co-lead an annual Empty Bowls project to raise money to end hunger.

My life is full and joyous these days, a mix of ministry, creativity and family! I have been happily married for 39 years to John Donaldson, a most extraordinary turner of beautiful wooden bowls, and keeper of the forest. We have two grown children, and two little granddaughters. Our family is a source of great happiness to us. We also grow much of our own food, and keep a small flock of chickens!

About the Mystery School:

The Mystery School was founded in 2007  under the guidance of Jeshua and Mary Magdalen.  After my ordination as an Interfaith minister at the New Seminary in New York City in 2006, and after attaining teacher certification of the Apprenticeship courses from channel Lesley A. Michaels, I began to offer this ascension path to the public.  I see this as my role in sacred service to the planet.  Many individuals have now acquired this amazing teaching over the past five years.

It was called “Through the Rose” Mystery School to express the emergence of the Divine Feminine energies on our Mother Earth.  This is evolving as we integrate the Divine Masculine energies of the Shift and come into balance on the New Earth. The Rose is the ancient symbol of the Divine Feminine and also the western version of the lotus of spiritual awakening. I have chosen the star as the symbol for the Divine masculine,  and together the star and the rose stand for the marriage of heaven and earth as we become Universal humans in full recognition of our multi-dimensional selves.  our view

I am the lead teacher of Through The Rose Mystery School, in conjunction with the Ascended Masters. Other wonderful teachers and guides are invited to lead seasonal workshops at our location in Vermont.

About Lesley:

Lesley is the most amazing human being!  In addition to being a superb pure trance channel (she leaves her body to allow the higher energies to access her voice and language centers of the brain, a rare skill and one that necessitates a soul contract from childhood on),  Lesley is also a great humanitarian and follows her vision in many ways of serving humanity and Mother Earth.  She is a “traveler” – one who travels the Galaxy in many lifetimes learning about life from many different points of view.  This makes her exceptionally interesting!

Her website is:  http://www.lesleyamichaels.com

Her book Just Roll Over And Float is about the great shift of 2012, and is a compilation of some of Jeshua’s teachings, which he downloaded to her  (i.e. since she was out of her body during the channeled sessions, he filled her in!)  Great book!

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